Submission 0987-QUITZAU

Submitter: Mae Quitzau

Community: Pender Island

Date Submitted: December 13, 2023

Wild salmon are in trouble from various threats like overfishing, climate change and salmon farms.

Dear Justice Cohen,

I have been following the Cohen Commission very carefully to try and fully grasp all that is at stake.I have come to the conclusion that we British Columbian have a unique resource in our wild salmon stocks. It is also my understanding that those stocks are in trouble from various threats, overfishing, climate change and of course the lice and effluent that comes from non landlocked salmon farms.
I urge you to listen the citizens of this province, who envision a future whereby ALL salmon farms are located inland and away from migrational rivers and streams. This is your chance to make history and make the people of BC proud.
Thank you.

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