Submission 0093-WYENBERG

Submitter: Jean Wyenberg

Community: Gabriola

Date Submitted: June 23, 2023

Evidence shows that open pen salmon farming harms wild salmon. To protect B.C.’s coastal waters, the commission should recommend that fish farms must be totally contained.

I live on the West Coast of BC and am deeply concerned about the effect of open pen salmon farming in our coastal waters. There is a mountain of evidence that shows the harm that is done by these farms to the salmon run. Sea lice…destruction of the ocean floor in the areas…fishing laws that our citizens have to abide by that these people do not have to abide by. It is time that we got serious about protecting our water and our fish. I am not so concerned about local profits as I am about the necessary protection of our ecosystems. Why is there so much protection of mostly foreign owned fish farms which employ a few people and no protection of locally owned fisher jobs and our natural systems.
Please, please please stop this open pen farming and make ANY fish farming totally contained.

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