Submission 0879-SILVERCLOUD

Submitter: David Silvercloud

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: November 25, 2023

Alexandra Morton has no self-interest in exposing problems with the fish farm industry.

I find it disturbing that the fish farm industry finds it necessary to be running television advertisements advocating how much good they are doing for the British Columbia economy. “He doth protest too much” comes to mind.

How can it possibly be good that nearly 3/4 of all fish exports coming from B.C. are coming from fish farms?

And my information is that 3 out of every 4 fish eaten in the world are coming from fish farms. This is not good no matter how one spins that information.

Doc Alexandra Morton has no self interest in exposing problems with the fish farm industry and I just want to voice my support for her heroic efforts to save our oceans.

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