Submission 0807-RAYNOLDS

Submitter: Tracy Raynolds

Community: Maple Ridge

Date Submitted: September 29, 2023

DFO should observe the precautionary principle, not promote aquaculture, fund Kristi Miller’s research and remove fish farms from migratory routes.

1. Ensure the Precautionary Principle is firmly entrenched in DFO’s mandate and is respected and observed throughout all of DFO’s work (including and especially aquaculture)
2. Remove from DFO its mandate to promote aquaculture, which is in direct conflict to its constitutional obligation to protect wild fish
3. Ensure that DFO scientist Dr. Kristi Miller’s research is fully funded and free from political interference – up until and beyond its completion
4. Require independent, random, transparent disease testing of all BC salmon farms – this data should be fully and immediately available to the public through an easily accessible database.
5. Remove all salmon farms along critical sockeye migration routes and place them in land-based containers.

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