Submission 0747-TURNER

Submitter: Toril Turner

Community: Comox

Date Submitted: September 26, 2023

Take open net fish farms off the migration routes of wild salmon.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take open net fish farms off the migration routes of wind salmon!!!! I want so desperately to believe this commission is genuinely looking out for the interests of wild salmon, and not just a waste of tax payer money! LOOK AT NORWAY!!!! THERE IS A REASON THEY HAVE SENT THEIR NASTY BUSINESS OVER HERE!!! I say again–please, oh please, if you have any heart for a resource so near and dear to my heart, PLEASE recommend legislation that takes open net fish farms off of salmon migration routes. There is much to gain, and so very much to lose–I want this resource to be there for my kids.

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