Submission 0734-REED

Submitter: Anissa Reed

Community: Qualicum Beach

Date Submitted: September 9, 2023

Remove fish farms from the wild salmon narrows and test farmed salmon for disease. DFO is in conflict on aquaculture.

Remove the fish harms immediately from the Wild Salmon Narrows (Discovery Pass, Okisolo Narrows) and let Kristi Miller test farm salmon and ensure she has funding available to continue her work. Wild Salmon and all that rely on them deserve nothing less. DFO is in severe conflict. Mia Parker who was working for industry now writes aquaculture policy for DFO. Clare Backman was once with DFO is now Marine Harvest, and that is just two of the witnesses on one panel. Fish Farms can self diagnose? Wow, I sat there for all of disease and aquaculture and was stunned at what I heard. Justice Cohen, I hope you see as clearly as I did how mixed up and wrong this is. Who is putting wild salmon first?

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Name: K Lorinth

Date Created: September 16, 2023

You won’t save a “wild salmon” by killing and eating it; although, they are tasty…