Submission 0728-JONES

Submitter: Susan Jones

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: September 9, 2023

The salmon’s decline comes from failure on the part of government to protect salmon, apply credible science and enforce laws and regulations. There seems to be political determination that certain projects and licenses will be approved, such as fish farms, the Gateway Deltaport expansion and the South Fraser Perimeter Road, regardless of the available science and knowledge that warns of residual adverse environmental effects. Detailed information from Freedom of Information requests is provided in this submission.


Submission Files:

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Submision to Cohen Commission September 8, 2011.doc

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replies to Request for information DP3.pdf

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emails EA of DP3.pdf

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Screening Report.pdf

File 5:

Source of Information on pages 13 & 14 of Submission to Cohen Commission.doc

Comment List

Name: Richard Swanston

Date Created: September 30, 2023

Thank You Susan for your in depth work at investigating the failings of the CEAA Process and the TO close relationship that has developed by the DFO and proponents of development projects that directly affect the well being of Salmon and Migratory Bird Habitats in the Fraser Delta
It’s unfortunate that we have to rely on unpaid volunters to protect Fisheries Habitat from the DFO whim see their role as assistants to developers not advocates for wild salmon