Submission 0635-SCHRODER

Submitter: Jill Schroder

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: August 29, 2023

Salmon farm disease records should be available to the public.

I am surprised and disappointed the Judge Cohen decided that, among over 1500 exhibits submitted to the Inquiry, the salmon farm disease records will not be available except in the courtroom itself.

These of all papers and data should be widely available, to the public, to the media, for general information. Our salmon our a public resource and threats to them should be made public as well.

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Comment List

Name: Joe Mattinson

Date Created: August 31, 2023

I agree entirely.

Salmon represent a major resource to all Canadians. Farming of salmon is certainly not a natural process. We are flirting with as yet unknown serious potential effects on the naturally spawning salmon.

Since farming is done in open waterways accessible to wild salmon, it is always possible that diseases, etc are transmitted to the wild salmon stocks. Public disclosure of salmon disease issues should be mandatory. Regulations should certainly be based on conservative measures, not optimistic assumptions.