Submission 0624-STEWART

Submitter: Charles Stewart

Community: Penticton

Date Submitted: August 25, 2023

Not only is salmon farming a root cause of the degradation of wild stocks, so is our pollution of the rivers and oceans.


After reading updates and watching the advent of Salmon farming here in BC from its very beginnings, I must say I am appalled at the overall sillyness of the entire proceedings. Anyone with an education and sense of practicality will realise that mankind cannot, and will not ever replace natural occuring species and substances upon earth. Try as we might too duplicate such things only leads to failures with catostrophic consequences to our natural biological integrity. History proves this. Movies have been made about this. Not only is salmon farming a root cause of the degradation of wild stocks, our pollution of the rivers and oceans is as well. There need not be such long drawn out inquiries and commisions into what we all know is the bottom line truths. Such things are only done to keep the presses rolling on our beloved and new found Gods of coloured peices of paper of our own making.
If one couples farming with pollution, it spells doom. These facts should be the end of debate and save all of us a lot of heartache, pain and money spent further ignoring the truth while more of nature dies. Part of me thinks this(Cohen Commision) is all designed to lead everyone one of us away from the truths and give the corporations more time to make more monies while we debate what is truth and what isnt. Its time for everyone to have a cup of coffee and wake up.

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