Submission 0571-NEUMANN

Submitter: Kira Neumann

Community: Black Creek

Date Submitted: July 14, 2023

Scientific evidence shows how dangerous open net salmon farming and importing salmon eggs are to the well-being of wild salmon stocks.

I implore the Commission to view seriously the mountains of scientific evidence that show how dangerous open net salmon farming and the importation of infected salmon eggs are to the well being of our wild Salmon stocks. It is impossible to understand how authorities can reconcile that perceived short term economic gain supersedes not only the loss of a precious species but along with that, the entire Eco system that is coastal B.C. and that is completely dependent on the Salmon for its own survival. Justice Cohen must ask, “how can you allow this to happen when environmentally friendly, land-based farms are a proven, economically viable alternative to open net farming?”. I also hope beyond hope that Justice Cohen is able to reveal the rot within the DFO and learn why it has been degraded from a proud organization admired throughout the world to a convenient political arm of a government which does not believe in science and in its ignorance muzzles its own scientists who dare to express the open thought that is the basis of scientific research. Thank you for your consideration.

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