Submission 0494-HART

Submitter: Rosemary Hart

Community: vancouver

Date Submitted: April 5, 2023

Salmon farming must be done on land-based farms in order to protect our remaining natural ecosystem.

Even a gardener knows you don’t introduce a non native plant, it can take over and kill the indigenous plants. Salmon can’t type or walk please see the big picture…for natures sake. The salmon are key to SUPER NATURAL B.C.
Salmon farming MUST be done on LAND based farms in order to grow our remaining trees and natural eco system.

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Name: Paula Grant

Date Created: April 12, 2023

Rosemary, are your tomatoes are indigenous? Have your vegetables taken over our boreal forest. No.

And the “protecting our natural ecosystem” mantra is a bit misleading wouldn’t you say? Land based farming removes forested land which contains rich biodiversity. It takes over 100 years to go back to ‘natural state’. Land based aqua farms also utilize power and freshwater. Hardly minimal impact.

Ocean based farms use little freshwater, little energy and can be back to baseline within months.