Submission 0328-NICKERSON

Submitter: Michelle Nickerson

Community: Mission

Date Submitted: October 28, 2023

(The attached document was provided to the commission at the Kamloops public forum as part of the submission by Michelle Nickerson.)

Anthropogenic climate change is a critical habitat issue facing Fraser sockeye. Climate change will cause dramatic hydrograph changes, increasingly erratic winds, plankton blooms, and warmer temperatures and lower water levels in the Fraser River. Human population growth, urbanization, and bad decisions at all levels of society are further threats to salmon habitat. The “No Net Loss” and professional reliance models are inadequate. Aquaculture has a negative impact on wild salmon. Hatchery volunteers have extensive knowledge and experience and should be respected. The community of Lumby represents a positive example of how citizens can participate in the recovery of Fraser sockeye.

This submission was presented at the Kamloops public forum on October 21, 2010.

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