Submission 0323-WELAND

Submitter: Marilyn Weland

Community: Duncan

Date Submitted: October 26, 2023

In Chile, there is extensive newspaper coverage of the viruses and disease present in salmon farms. The commission should take a firm stand against the pressures exerted by international aquaculture businesses and protect wild stocks from the disease caused by fish farms.

Dear Commission;
I am a concerned citizen of Duncan, Vancouver Island, currently on holiday in Chile. I have been following the process of awareness raising with regards to the damage that salmon farming is doing in the home waters of British Columbia. What has really been surprising to me is to see the headlines in the national newspapers here in Chile, the concerns here about the viruses and disease that are present in the salmon farms here.
There is also Norwegian influence here, meetings with the Chileans. The disease caused by fish farms is world-wide, and I urge you to please take a firm stand against the strong international business pressures. Please do this and all that you can, to protect our wild stocks and all that they include.
Thank you, sincerely,
Marilyn Weland
Pucon, Chile

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