Submission 0252-UELC_364683

Submitter: UVic Environmental Law Centre

Community: Victoria

Date Submitted: October 5, 2023

(This video was provided to the commission at the Victoria public forum as part of the submission by the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre.)

“Where it falls: Re-inventing Rainwater Management” describes the problem of storm water runoff in the Capital Regional District. The video features interviews with various experts and outlines how storm water, which picks up toxic chemicals as it sweeps over urban areas, is conveyed into sensitive water bodies at high speed and volume, killing salmon and destroying their habitat. The video also offers solutions for effective storm water management

This submission was presented at the Victoria public forum on September 16, 2010. To see the 10-min video “Where it falls: Re-inventing Rainwater Management” produced by the ELC’s Holly Pattison go to:

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