Submission 0211-LOISELLE

Submitter: Maureen Loiselle

Community: Thetis Island,

Date Submitted: September 20, 2023

Scientific research shows that wild fish stocks are being severely damaged by irresponsible fisheries management and the corporate takeover of democratic governments.

This is another example of government sponsored corporate greed. Scientific research is telling us that wild fish stocks are being severely damaged by irresponsible management of the industry.We as citizens must hold our government responsible for intelligent decisions.Is it too late for democracy to function in this new era of corporate takeover? Even responsible corporations realize it is folly to destroy the delicate balance of nature.What evil force has control of our government?Surely we have not elected idiots. Or have we?
It is my sincere hope that some wisdom will prevail as a result of your investigations.It is also my hope that you are a man of honour.

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Name: Mary Russell

Date Created: October 1, 2023

The Inquiry states it will investigate DFOs practices; how about DFO not only allowing the industry to flout the laws of the Fisheries Act, but drafting regs that would place its violations above the laws of theAct into perpetuity?

We cannot have it both ways. Either give our wild fisheries due respect, or we will lose them, swiftly or insiduously to irresponsible fish farm expansion and management.

Meanwhile the poisons used to control lice are mounting in kinds and use, with no trustworthy accounting for cumulative effects or interactions, since DFO’s stated agenda was to ‘harmonize’ all regulatory agencies and ministries across Canada with its own agenda “committed” to the expansion and ‘success’ of destructive open net-cage regimes.

The ignored appeals for govt to remove the five fish farms in Okisollo Channel that threaten the wild runs, notably the seagoing Fraser sockeye, is a case in point. I think if DFO were removed, our wild salmon could prosper.