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Submitter: robert cameron

Community: madeira park

Date Submitted: September 17, 2023

DFO’s management of the 2010 return illustrates that it no longer considers the economic benefit of wild salmon. Closing the sockeye fishery to achieve minimal improvements in Coho stocks does not meet DFO’s directive of providing economic gain for the public. DFO must move away from the failed policies of selective fishing and terminal fisheries.

this years management of the largest sockeye run in history says more about management than any other year could.No consideration of the economic benefit of wild salmon is even considered anymore. The fishery was kept closeed despite record test fisheries in Johnstone straits.The eartly runs were vastly underestimated and subsequent fisheries denied.There must in the future be fisheries every week to maintain markets and fill the demand of public sales.Create an economics branch to balance the biological teams penchant for not opening anything.It is time to move away from the failed policies of selective fishing and terminal fisheries.While selective fishing is an admiral goal and works on a computer in reality it is destroying strong healthy runs of sockeye and chums for the sake of minimal gains of stocks of concern. The two most successful fisheries are the offshore sports fleet and northern troll fleet which both fish 100% mixed stock chinook and cohoe. These are the same species used to close valuable commercial net fisheries. The policies as introduced by David Anderson have created more harm than the good that was intended witness the collapse of the north coast net fisheries. They have gone from the strongest and most valuable to almost nothing in the last twelve years.Selective fishing and terminal fishery policies have been the management tool for this time period. Return to management decisions which kept us fishing for a 100 years.Watching a 100 million dollars worth sockeye bypass the economy of a country for minimnal cohoe gains does not meet the fisheries directive of providing economic gain for the public thank you Robert Cameron

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