Submission 0180-PRENTICE

Submitter: John Prentice

Community: Richmond

Date Submitted: September 10, 2023

It is problematic that the federal government has exempted the aquaculture industry from regulations protecting the marine environment. The commission should recommend that fish farms be removed from the ocean and placed on land in closed containment systems.

The problem with salmon on the westcoast started back in 1988 when the federal govt. handed over jurisdiction to the Provincial govt. to manage salmon.!
Now we have an Aquaculture industry where the restrictions that are in place to protect the marine environment do not apply to fish farms they are exempt from these regulations.??? The fish farms have to removed immediately and placed onto the land in closed containment…..This is what we need to do. If you love wild salmon.
Atlantics do not belong in the Pacific….and now there is a new threat of GMO salmon developed for the fish farm industry as they are faster growing…
…….this spells doom for our wild salmon.

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