Submission 0127-KRC_204530

Submitter: Kintama Research Corporation

Community: Nanaimo

Date Submitted: July 12, 2023

The attached document analyses acoustic telemetry data to pinpoint the region between the Discovery Passage and Hecate Strait as the location where the 2009 Fraser River run failure likely occurred. It also comments on the most likely reasons why fisheries management has failed to deal with the ongoing major declines in British Columbia salmon populations due to worsening marine survival over the past two decades.


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File 1:

Kintama-Submission to Cohen Commission (12 July 2023).pdf

Comment List

Name: Eric Becherer

Date Created: February 12, 2024

Hidden in that complex submission, is the information,that sometime, somewhere(a couple of years and thousands of km) That 1% of the hatchery smolts involved in the study made it back to the Fraser, (double that hatchery’s normal survival rate.
A very interesting study indeed, but all it proves is that after passing the north end of the island, no one knows where they were or what happed to them.
To extrapolate the posted data to say that the smolts died not long after the last acoustic array is very presumptuous.