Submission 1115-MITCHELL

Submitter: Melissa Mitchell

Community: North Vancouver

Date Submitted: December 14, 2023

The hearings on ISAv should be live streamed.

To the Honourable Justice Cohen,

I commend you for re-opening the Cohen Commission to evaluate the ISA virus in BC. This indicates your true desire to get to the truth and consequences of fish farms and the health of our wild salmon. I respectfully request that the upcoming hearings be streamed live to the public. ALL people have a right to know what is going on – not just those who can get to Vancouver this week. Also, I hope and pray that our rich NATURAL resources are top priority in your decision(s), rather than commerce & profits. If farms are not stopped, then at least virus audits must be done independently and all results should be accessible by the public. We have a right to know; there are NO legitimate reasons for secrecy!

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