Submission 0042-MCKAY

Submitter: Gilbert McKay

Community: Coldstream

Date Submitted: May 5, 2023

The decline of Fraser River sockeye salmon is due to predation by harbour seals, which are growing rampant in the Gulf of Georgia and the Fraser River. Salmon stocks will not recover until the seals are culled.

There is no need for a commission. The fact is that there is no control over the Harbour Seals and they are growing rampant in the gulf of Geogia and the Fraser River. You will not have salmon as long as you do
not cull the seals. 12 years ago I was fishing at the Lite Ship on the mouth of the Fraser and on my way back to Ladner I counted 75 Seals in Half a Mile of River,(These are only the ones with there head out
of the water.) These seals destroy and eat at least 10-12 salmon per day Each. They take a bite out of them and on to the next.. the wounded fish dies and drift to the bottom. That’s not all, In the Spring when
the fingerlings or smalt go out to sea these same seals will eat 200-300 per day Each. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where the fish are going. I estimate by now there are 2000 or more seals in
the system .With no preditors . KILL the Seals and hope the Salmon will survive. You even have do gooder bringing in injured seals for rehabilition. Then releasing them back to gobble up more salmon. I Estimate those 75 seals destroyed 750-1000 salmon per day. and eat 15,000 fingerlings per day.
That’s where your Salmon are going. Multiply this with the 2000 or more seals and the loss is in the Millions. I blame the Seals not anything else.

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