Submission 0238-HACK

Submitter: Les Hack

Community: Chilliwack

Date Submitted: September 29, 2023

The commission should recommend that for five years following its conclusion an annual report be produced showing which of the commission’s recommendations have been approved or implemented. As public accountability is implicit in the commission’s mandate, such a report would be both justifiable and expedient.

Honorable Justice Cohen

Having personally heard the concerns of those making presentations to this commission, having seen the history of reports already made to the government concerning BC salmon and the management policies of the DFO, and having years of experience with similar reporting events; it is my request that as part of your inquiry and reporting process that you assume/structure a mechanism into your mandate whereby (for five years)an annual “report card” would be forwarded to those organizations and individuals that made presentations to the commission, updating them as to which of your future recommendations will have been approved and or implemented. This or a similar kind of report card will make available to the public an accountability tool – and since public accountability is implicit in your mandate, it is is not simply justifiable but expedient.

I would appreciate some kind of acknowledgment that this request has been read and understood by you or one of your staff.

a fellow Canadian
Les Hack

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