Représentations 0943-SHIELS

Déposant : Dolores Shiels

Communauté : Sointula

Déposé le : Décembre 12, 2011

Résumé :
Il y en a qui connaissent la vérité au sujet du VAIS et des fermes d’élevage, et j’espère que la Commission ira au fond des choses.

Représentations :
I would like to ask that the RIGHT questions be asked at this Inquiry so that the RIGHT answers will be given and the Truth will be told. All summer we saw millions of herring in our Breakwater in Sointula. It was quite a sight but, unfortunately, they were not all healthy. The herring were bleeding and dying. We still do not know why. No one at DFO seemed to care. I also know of a former employee of a fish farm processing plant that said diseased fish continually came into the plant to be processed. They were instructed to trim up the fish to look good and they were sent off into the marketplace. So without a doubt there are people out there that know the truth and I trust that this Commission is going to get to the bottom of it. Time is running out if this Virus is in our fish

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