Représentations 0942-FLOODY

Déposant : Eileen Floody

Communauté : Tofino

Déposé le : Décembre 12, 2011

Résumé :
La salmoniculture, peu importe le type, n’est pas durable et cause des dommages à l’environnement. Le VAIS est présent dans les eaux de la C.-B., malgré le déni du MPO.

Représentations :
Enough studies have indicated that the ISA Virus is present in BC waters, despite the denial of DFO. The scientific methods can differ, and the DFO seems to be relying on out-dated methods. Tissue culture has been superseded by DNA analysis, and viruses are known for their fast evolution. The only place the detected virus comes from is Atlantic salmon eggs from Norway. Salmon farming, of any kind is unsustainable and damages the environment. The companies get a free ride on their pollutants, dumping them directly into the ocean. The only fish farming that is sustainable is on-land, contained in some way and using fish that are vegetarians or bug eaters.

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