Représentations 0935-FALL

Déposant : Michael Fall

Communauté : Ladysmith

Déposé le : Décembre 8, 2011

Résumé :
Le MPO n’a pas dit la vérité en C.-B., ni sur ce qu’il sait, et il devrait être démantelé et relevé de toute responsabilité en matière de protection de la vie marine.

Représentations :
Dear Mr. Cohen;
Firstly, please let me congratulate and thank you for your decision to re-open the commission hearings to investigate the ISA matter; a very wise and courageous decision indeed.

After reading as much as I can find out about the possible presence of the potentially deadly and disasterous ISA virus in coastal BC waters it is blatantly clear to me that DFO has not told us (or your commission) the truth or all of the truth about what they know. This fact leads me to conclude the following:

1- Very little confidence can now be given to ANY of the submissions to your enquiry by DFO.
2- DFO has not made the protection of the BC coastal environment and consequently wild Pacific Salmon a top priority.
3- Due to the above plus a litany of incompetance, DFO, in BC, should be disbanded and relieved of any responsibility for the protection of our coastal flora and fauna.
4- DFO, with appropriate federal funding, should be replaced by a provincial organizetion controlled and managed by a board of goveners made up of stakeholders, first nations and citizen representatives.

Thank you for the oppertunity to make this submission.

Mike Fall

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