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Déposant : keith temple

Communauté : terrace

Déposé le : Novembre 29, 2011

Résumé :
Les entreprises étrangères propriétaires de fermes d’élevage qui réalisent des profits ici influencent les gouvernements fédéral et de la C.-B. et les empêchent d’ordonner le démantèlement des fermes d’élevage en mer.

Représentations :
When corporations control the outcome we all lose. This virus situation must be dealt with.
The revenues collected from a foreign corporation by both the Federal and B.C. governments are the true reason this situation is not being dealt with responsibly. I consider it criminal.
Fish farms can exist out of the ocean and I believe the only reason they don't move them onshore is the cost to do so. But when you consider the revenues paid to our governments by the Norwegian corporations, it is obvious the real revenues created by these operations are quite significant. So, here we have a clear case of corporate greed once again; not willing to do the right thing they are, and continue to do so, destroying Canadian Pacific coast ecosystems and killing our wild salmon for their profit.
You are the appointed commission so do the right thing here. If in fact the Federal government is actually calling the shots here, then I guess this tree is empty.

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