Représentations 0090-VIPOND

Déposant : Don Vipond

Communauté : Saanichton

Déposé le : Juin 21, 2010

Résumé :
Le mandat de la Commission l’empêche-t-elle de blâmer les responsables? Les répercussions de la salmoniculture en cage en filet sur les voies de migration est très suspect et devrait faire l’objet d’un examen en profondeur.

Représentations :
Respecful greetings,

I am struck by particular wording in your terms of reference, which "direct the Commissioner: to conduct the Inquiry without seeking to find fault on the part of any individual, community or organization, and with the overall aim of respecting conservation of the sockeye salmon stock and encouraging broad cooperation among stakeholders . . ."

But suppose there is some condition which is to blame? Is the commission precluded from assigning blame?

For myself, I am highly suspicious of the role of net-cage salmon farms on wild salmon migration routes and I am counting on this commission to examine closely the considerable scientific evidence that this industry is in fact, to blame. Please don't let us down.

Don Vipond

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Nom: Jim Pine

Date de création: August 25, 2010

An excellent observation and I completely agree with Mr. Vipond.