Représentations 0884-SCHREIBER

Déposant : Catherine Schreiber

Communauté : Maple Ridge

Déposé le : Novembre 25, 2011

Résumé :
Étudiez l’information sur les maladies du saumon sauvage, par exemple ceux qu’on trouve morts le long des rivières Alouette et Pitt.

Représentations :
I strongly recommend that the Cohen enquiry re-examine their findings on diseased salmon in B.C.'s waterways.
I have seen a great deal of unusual activity in my layman's
observations of wild salmon; there are huge quantities of them dead along the Alouette and Pitt rivers this year - much more so than in previous years. I don't think this is a positive indicator of increased stocks, as they seem to be too young to be of spawning age and therefore should not be dying yet.

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