Représentations 0881-GUILD

Déposant : Brenda Guild

Communauté : Salt Spring Island

Déposé le : Novembre 25, 2011

Résumé :
Le commissaire devrait pouvoir identifier des coupables, qu’il s’agisse de personnes, de communautés ou d’organismes.

Représentations :
This commission is to recommend improvements in the management of Fraser River salmon without "seeking to find fault on the part of any individual, community or organization". Human activities by name, that is, are not to be factored in nor weighted in the proceedings, results, and final report.

As a member of the public who has followed this commission fairly closely from the start, I can see with increasing clarity where it's going, which is to perfectly fulfill this hamstrung mandate.

I sincerely hope that all close contributors to the ultimate recommendations refuse to be corralled and cowed by these parameters, else it's just a sophomoric exercise at great public expense, making a mockery not only of what a commission is and ought to be, but of the DFO mandate to name and work counter to fisheries and agri-food interests that fail to put wild salmon first.

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