Représentations 0880-SCHROEDER

Déposant : diana schroeder

Communauté : Courtenay

Déposé le : Novembre 25, 2011

Résumé :
Tenez compte de la recherche scientifique objective et faites remarquer que la pisciculture à enclos ouvert ne peut se faire qu’au détriment du saumon sauvage.

Représentations :
The Cohen Commission is responsible for accurate consideration of the scientific evidence presented to them by independent scientists. The fish farm industry has a financial interest in witholding crucial data. It is increasingly obvious that the Province of BC is more interested in the continued financial success of fish farms than they are an abundant food resource that belongs to all of us. Please consider objective scientific research and recommend that it is impossible for open net farms to operate without harming our native salmon stocks. Please insure that fish farms are contained on land and that they are carefully regulated. I would also like to see Fisheries staff held accountable for incomplete and misleading data.

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