Représentations 0867-MARKO

Déposant : alexei marko

Communauté : vancouver

Déposé le : Novembre 25, 2011

Résumé :
Il faudrait interdire la salmoniculture à enclos ouvert en C.-B. jusqu’à ce qu’on ait l’assurance qu’elle ne nuit pas aux stocks sauvages.

Représentations :
I am appalled by the continued lack of accountability shown by the government organizations we put in place to protect this precious wild resource that belongs to all of us. It is absolutely ridiculous to be allowing these farms to continue to exist in light of all the evidence indicating the potential damage to wild salmon stocks. Open net salmon farms in BC should be prohibited until they can conclusively be proven NOT to harm wild stocks. This is the prudent and sensible approach to addressing something which can have such catastrophic long term consequences. To proceed otherwise shows a level of short sightedness and pandering to corporate interests that is shameless and borders on criminal.

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