Représentations 0079-CONLEY

Déposant : David Conley

Communauté : Kanata

Déposé le : Juin 18, 2010

Résumé :
Les documents ci-joints sur l’industrie de la salmoniculture en Colombie-Britannique et sur les défis qu’elle pose illustrent combien la population de la province a été exposée à une campagne de propagande incessante contre la salmoniculture depuis 1984.

Représentations :
My question for the Commissioner is how he will separate the wheat from the chafe, given that the BC population has been subjected to a relentless propaganda campaign against salmon farming since 1984. And that despite the Gillespie inquiry in 1986, the Owen inquiry in 1988, the Salmon Aquaculture Review in 1996-97, and numerous other attempts to bring some sanity to this irrational debate, there appears no end in sight. When will the statute of limitations on this witch hunt finally run out?

Included are 2 papers I have written on the BC salmon farming industry and its challenges for your enlightenment.

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BC Salmon Industry Evolution.pdf

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Anti-salmon Farming Lobby.pdf

Liste des commentaires

Nom: S Woodworth

Date de création: June 23, 2010

This paper is more a critique of fish farms than a support. The litany of mistakes & dead ends = writing on the wall. Had our governments implemented the many recommendations of their many studies, they’d have both restored abundant wild salmon & had closed containment fishfarms.

Magnificent wild Pacific salmon are migrating home to enter our coastal waters seeking hundreds of rivers to swim the currents, jump waterfalls, & arrive to spawn & die in their birth waters. With no honor for the natural world, we dam, divert, poison, & clog rivers with debris, no friend to salmon. But what fake science grows fake salmon dependent on antibiotics & fake coloring to turn a buck? Bad ideas go wrong. Folly! What training equips scientists to detect, observe & identify folly?

Folly is an endless maze
Tangled roots perplex her ways
How many have fallen there!
They stumble all night over bones of the dead
& feel they know not what but care
& wish to lead others when they should be led