Représentations 0705-HANNAY

Déposant : Bob Hannay

Communauté : Errington

Déposé le : Septembre 1, 2011

Résumé :
La Commission doit avoir le courage de corriger la situation. Sinon, le saumon sauvage de la Colombie-Britannique subira sans doute le même sort que la morue de la côte Est du Canada.

Représentations :
For more than three years I have personally followed the developments, or should I say lack of developments concerning fish farms and wild Pacific salmon. There is no doubt that the provincial government, the DFO, and the fish farm owners are of one voice. That would include mainstream media which give minimal coverage to the Cohen Inqiry proceedings. The secrecy,neglect of duty to the public and supression of data is truely audacious.Adherence to the principles of biological science has been thrown out the window. Unless this Inquiry has the fortitude and courage to make all this right, it appears most likely we will be batting 100%; that is B.C.'s wild salmon will go the way of the cod fish of eastern Canada.

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