Représentations 0701-BARNUM

Déposant : Jim Barnum

Communauté : N. Vancouver

Déposé le : Septembre 1, 2011

Résumé :
Il faudrait donner plus de temps aux avocats de la coalition pour contre-interroger les témoins au sujet des effets des fermes d’élevage sur le saumon sauvage.

Représentations :
I am very concerned by the coverage that I'm reading of the hearings that are currently proceeding. There appears to be a problem with the process.

My concern is the extremely short amount of time each coalition is being given to question witnesses. They were given access to over 500,000 documents, but there appears to be no time to bring forth most of the important information contained in them. The Cohen Inquiry spent months going through policy issues, but when it comes to the actual biological reason the Fraser sockeye are dying, and the extremely important question: "is this industry placed in locations that are dangerous to wild salmon", lawyers are in some cases being given just 5 minutes to question four witnesses. Why is this?

I will continue to attend and observe and make my opinions known.

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