Représentations 0673-MCKEACHIE

Déposant : Shelley McKeachie

Communauté : Denman Island

Déposé le : Août 30, 2011

Résumé :
Les fermes d’élevage apportent des maladies et des toxines dans nos eaux, ce qui est probablement une cause du déclin des populations de saumon sauvage.

Représentations :
I urge the Judge Cohen to use the precautionary principle and err on the side of caution. The evidence is mounting to demonstrate that the placement of fish farms in our oceans, sited next to the mouths of fish bearing rivers, is introducing both disease and toxins into our waters and likely causing the decline of our wild salmon populations.

Salmon farms should be located on land and the effluent generated by them properly treated and disposed of so that they don't just recreate the same problems in a new way.

Our wild salmon are critical to the health of our natural ecosystems and the economic and cultural well being of the people of British Columbia. Please don't miss this opportunity to correct this travesty before it's too late!!

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