Représentations 0667-MUCKLE

Déposant : Robert Muckle

Communauté : Delta

Déposé le : Août 30, 2011

Résumé :
Il ne faut plus forcer le saumon sauvage à migrer là où on trouve des fermes d’élevage, parce qu’il contracte des maladies.

Représentations :
I have been following the Cohen commission each day since it began, and have come to believe that our Wild Salmon are at risk of being decimated within our lifetime. They must not be forced to migrate past fish farms any longer as they are contracting viruses in the process, and these farms absolutely must be removed from open waters.

I ask that you make a firm and deliberate decision, before the wilds are lost for future generations. This is the most important thing you are capable of achieving in your lifetime!

Please make the choice, as the evidence is clear.

Robert Muckle

Delta/Lake Errock

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