Représentations 0650-ULMER

Déposant : Rick Ulmer

Communauté : Salmon Arm

Déposé le : Août 30, 2011

Résumé :
Le peu d’avantages que la C.-B. tire de l’industrie salmonicole ne se compare pas à la somme de ceux que lui procure le saumon rouge du Fraser.

Représentations :
I think it is becoming increasingly clear from the testimony at the inquiry that the failure of the Fraser River sockey is directly related to the fish farms along the migration route. It appears to me that the obvious solution is to immediately eliminate all open net fish farms in the waters of British Columbia. The miniscule benefits of the fish farm industry to the people of British Columbia cannot be compared to the magnitude of the benefits of the Fraser River Sockeye. The beauty, heritage, value to wildlife, sport fishing and commercial fishery far exceed the value of any number of foreign fish farms. The Fraser River Sockeye are a way of life to many thousands of people from the mouth of the Mighty Fraser River to the headwaters, they feed the Commercial fishermen of Steveston and beyond, many First Nations people, sports fishermen, and tourists. It's time for the people we elected to do the right thing for British Columbia and save our Fraser River Sockeye!

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