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Déposant : Saul Arbess

Communauté : Victoria

Déposé le : Août 29, 2011

Résumé :
La Commission devrait recommander au gouvernement de la C.-B. de déplacer toutes les fermes d’élevage situées le long des voies migratoires du saumon rouge.

Représentations :
The synthesis achieved by Alexandra Morton on the evidence provided to the Commission establishes incontrovertibly that Marine anemia virus from farmed Chinook salmon (and perhaps other farmed species) are destroying the wild sockeye run. The proof also explains that the reason for the outstanding run in 2010 was due to the fact that the farmed chinook salmon were removed from the migration route in 2007, thus the rebound. In view of this, it is incumbent that the Commission require or recommend, depending upon its powers, that the BC government remove all salmon farms from sockeye migration routes and move, with a tight timetable, to remove all open cage salmon farms and move to closed containment systems. Thank you for allowing this data to come to life, despite years of suppression by DFO and the BC government.

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