Représentations 0636-DEGAGNE

Déposant : Marc DeGagne

Communauté : Winnipeg

Déposé le : Août 29, 2011

Résumé :
Les gens doivent être prêts à payer plus cher pour acheter du saumon élevé de façon responsable dans des fermes d’élevage.

Représentations :
It appears history, DFO's history(ie: cod), will be repeating itself if senior officials have their way. Concealing disease evidence, muzzling scientists?? Who is this organization supposed to be protecting? What is DFO's mandate?

I think the simple solution of closed containment farming is the resposibility of not only the salmon farming companies, but also of consumers. In addition to our government organizations enacting legislation to protect our natural resources, people also must be willing to pay a higher price for responsibly raised closed containment farmed salmon.

People want everything cheap, and companies want to make money, something has to be compromised. In this case it is a wonderful natural resource that has taken a long time to evolve.

We all play a role in the solution, we all must take responsibility. I hope this commission will reveal what is right and have all pertinent information available to the public and that closed containment farming is the common sense solution.

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