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Déposant : Bruce Probert

Communauté : Aldergrove,

Déposé le : Août 18, 2011

Résumé :
On devrait parler de « sagesse » plutôt que de connaissances autochtones traditionnelles, et évaluer en fonction de la sagesse des décisions qui sont prises.

Représentations :
Hello again, I would like to commend Dfo on identifying Traditional Knowledge, whether TAK OR TEK!
However I believe a less divisive policy statement( and in my mind a much more respectful term for these volunteers is " WISE MEN " .
So instead of "TAK or TEK " why not use WISDOM as the criteria to evaluate the value of TAK or TEK based upon the wisdom of certain choices?
Wisdom can be show after the fact or be accepted as sage advice!
Prior success is the test of ones wisdom but not proof of future accuracy .
One can possess intelligence yet may not know anything other than his immediate surrounding .
One can possess Knowledge, yet, though he may quote
by rote any knowledge he has acquired there is still something may be lacking.
The use of wisdom has a secondary benefit
It can create a more comprehensive system of evaluation of past policies!
Wise descisions?
Or otherwise?


choice rather than

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Nom: Bruce Probert

Date de création: August 24, 2011

I requested greater acuracy in the summarization of Public Submissions.
Can someone explain if anyone took me seriously?
Please explain;

Does the summary have any corralation to the GIST of my submission?

Does it represent an acurate description of my statements?

Do you consider this FAIR AND EQUITABLE ?


What is the definition of "summary" ?

Who can you trust?

I would love to Know!

Can you tell Me?