Représentations 0605-PROBERT

Déposant : Bruce Probert

Communauté : Aldergrove,

Déposé le : Août 13, 2011

Résumé :
Une politique de gestion claire et distincte devrait être établie pour la pêche sportive, la pêche sportive commerciale et la pêche au filet commerciale.

Représentations :
For your kind consideration;

Please ensure the summaries are stated with greater accuracy.

Following , I shall present the reasons for my statement.

While reviewing the most recent public submissions to
this commission I realized my last post contained an
error in Terminology on my part.

On March 17 2011 submission 0478, states "Fish farms should SUPPLY ALL the fish we need for OUR MARKETS, and the WILD fish left for the SPORT INDUSTRY " !

See how easily subtle nuance can effect proper emphasis on defining the most critical points is necessary.
Please, allow me an attempt to explain.

In my post I stated there should be a clear distinct management policy for; Sport fisherman , commercial SPORT FLEET, AND commercial NET FLEET!

My error was my main point was misunderstood due to the fact I had improperly Called the SPORT INDUSTRY , the commercial SPORT FLEET!

Definitions are so important wouldn't you agree?

Now could someone explain to me does the definition of "THE SPORT INDUSTRY " include individual recreational sport fishermen?

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