Représentations 0596-BLAIR

Déposant : Robert Blair

Communauté : Surrey

Déposé le : Août 2, 2011

Résumé :
Agissez maintenant pour éliminer les menaces posées par les piscicultures à enclos ouvert.

Représentations :
I am writing concerning the impacts of salmon farms on the health of wild salmon and ocean ecosystems in British Columbia.

We cannot wait any longer to address the globally recognized impacts of open net-cage salmon farming such as sea lice, escapes, pollution from chemicals and waste, and others.

We need to move forward with solutions now before wild salmon become extinct at the hands of greed and corruption.

(1) Protect wild juvenile salmon by closing net-cage farms located along important migration routes like the Wild Salmon Narrows in the Northern Georgia Strait.

(2) Transition net-cage salmon farms to closed containment systems that better protect wild fish and marine ecosystems from the farms.

I believe that the salmon farming industry, government and conservationists can work together to alleviate the problems of open net-cage salmon farming in a way that provides BC with a sustainable aquaculture infrastructure and long-term economic opportunities for our communities through the creation of green jobs.

I look forward to your action on this matter.


W.Robert Blair
6961 126A Street
Surrey BC
V3W 1K6

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