Représentations 0595-VOTH

Déposant : Brian Voth

Communauté : Lund

Déposé le : Août 2, 2011

Résumé :
Retirez les piscicultures à enclos ouvert.

Représentations :
To the Cohen Commission:
Although there are many factors that affect wild salmon survival, there is one high risk factor that should be eliminated as soon as possible, and that is open net cage salmon farming in B.C. coastal waters.
There are many published scientific studies and much other reliable information that indicate that BC's salmon farms are posing very high risks to wild salmon through such vectors as sea lice and viral diseases. It is astounding to me that our governments are willing to allow this clear and present danger to our wild salmon to continue. I am pleading for all those responsible to begin an orderly removal of this danger at once.
Thank you for this opportunity to voice my concerns. Brian Voth, RPF (Ret.)

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