Représentations 0591-PROBERT

Déposant : Bruce Probert

Communauté : Aldergrove,

Déposé le : Juillet 30, 2011

Résumé :
Il faudrait examiner la gestion antérieure de la flottille côtière de pêche au filet.

Représentations :
If memory serves, the first line in my initial public submission I had posed a question adressed to Pat Chamut relevant to his tenure at various positions
Within Dfo .
Can anyone within the department management staff at any time in the past 1992-2008 stating we can not allow the financial collapse of the PACIFIC COAST COMMERCAL SALMON FLEET?
if such document does exist it should not be hard to produce in their defense !
If not the repressive treatment we have received I believe should display the contempt and disregard shown thoughout past management and allocations achieved "Or Not" relative to the coastal net fleet!
Good Luck, sadly it cannot Change the past but could be a-different future.

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