Représentations 0590-PROBERT

Déposant : Bruce Probert

Communauté : Aldergrove,

Déposé le : Juillet 30, 2011

Résumé :
Il devrait y avoir des politiques de gestion différentes pour les pêcheurs sportifs et les pêcheurs commerciaux au filet.

Représentations :
I believe it is imperative that any ruling incorporate a management policy that clearly states; There will be sperate management policies that clearly define/ distinguish between "sport fishermen " commercial sport Fleet " AND COMMERCIAL NET FISHERIES.
Thank you for your consideration upon this major concern within the fishing communities and those who's livelihood is intricately entwined whit results of this inquiry achieving a Success that may greatly surpass the extremely poor results of every similar exercise Prior! Best wishes.
Sincerely Bruce Probert

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Nom: Bruce Probert

Date de création: August 9, 2011

The summary should state separate management policies for; individual sport fishermen; the "COMMERCIAL SPORT FLEET" and the "COMMERCIAL NET FLEET".