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Communauté : owen sound, ontario

Déposé le : Juillet 29, 2011

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Il faut retirer les enclos de pisciculture des eaux salées et remplacer les superviseurs actuellement responsables de la situation.

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Approximately 15 years ago I sat with Mr. Beamish and number of other DFO 'specialists' and warned them about Atlantic salmon in British Columbia pens and the possibility of escapement and was almost laughed at. I also brought up the suggestion of enclosed 'onshore' pren confinement and was met with the same response.

I've been connected with the Canadian sportfish and have been awarded the Canadian Recreational Fisheries Award. I've also raised trout and salmon on a private and volunteer basis for more than 4 decades.

We are in very big trouble with the Commercial Pen Aquaculture business not only in British Columbia but on the East Coast as well.

The people in charge including some of the government representatives testifying don't know enough about 'feeding' fish , let alone supervising a commercial industry.

Please remove the pens from the saltwater and the supervisors that are presently in charge of the situation.

Darryl Choronzey
Owen Sound, Ontario

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