Représentations 0577-JUDD

Déposant : Priscilla Judd

Communauté : Lumby

Déposé le : Juillet 22, 2011

Résumé :
Des recherches sur l’état de l’océan existent déjà et ne devraient pas être effectuées de nouveau. Le déclin de l’océan signifie aussi le déclin de la planète.

Représentations :
I was looking at the following information from your website:

In it there is a reference to research DFO plans to do on the "state of the ocean". I would like to suggest that this is not a good way to spend money since some highly qualified scientists have already done that research. please visit

Read that we have only 10 years left to stop polluting the ocean. If the ocean colapses then it's game over for the planet as we know it. Humans need oxygen and the ocean is necessary for oxygen - the oceans are stressed to the point of colapse.

The Cohen Commission needs to make an ethical choice for fish and for humanity. No more pollution. Stop the fish farms and storm drains, sewage and other pollutants that enter the ocean. Stop logging the forests. Stop over fishing.

It is beter to be remembered for saving the planet that to be forgotton as the oceans colapse and humanity meets the end with mass extinctions - including our own.

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