Représentations 0563-HOLLIDAY

Déposant : Gordon Holliday

Communauté : Port Sorell,

Déposé le : Juillet 3, 2011

Résumé :
Pour éliminer les effets nuisibles sur les espèces de saumons indigènes, il faut fermer les piscicultures situées en milieu aquatique naturel.

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To eliminate any contaminants and possible disease and pest infiltrations,I believe all Fish Farms should be closed down in natural waterways and if needed to be landlocked,to eliminate interfering with native salmon species.

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Nom: Carson Drayson

Date de création: July 30, 2011

Please help protect bc's greatest natural and renewable resource. We are all just guests on the earth and we should respect nature. Sea based fish farms are not natural......let's move to closed containment and both sides of the parties can live harmoniously and both sides will prosper. Justice Cohen, please stand up for the native salmon, as they have no voice and need your help for the species to survive and flourish. Regards Carson Drayson