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Déposant : Dave Clyne

Communauté : Cultus Lake

Déposé le : Mai 29, 2011

Résumé :
Depuis la fin des années 1990, les résidents de Cultus Lake ont observé que le saumon rouge du Cultus revient plus tôt qu’il le faisait auparavant. Les résidents se préoccupent du fait que, à la mi-août, moment où les saumons rouges reviennent, les eaux du corridor migratoire de Sweltzer Creek sont peut-être trop chaudes.

Représentations :

We have lived at Cultus Lake overlooking Sweltzer Creek in the summers from 1998 to 2000 and full time since the summer of 2001.

When we first moved here, I recall a long-time, fish-observant resident [living overlooking Sweltzer Creek] telling me that the salmon were coming up earlier over the years. I personally recall at that time, the early salmon, including Cultus sockeye, were arriving at or near the end of August. There were concerns that the early salmon were arriving when Sweltzer Creek was too warm. In August, the temp of the inflow to Sweltzer Creek is about 27 C while down close to the Chilliwack River, Sweltzer Creek temp has cooled to about 16 C.
I notice in the last few years, that sometimes, the early salmon, including sockeye, are starting to arrive the middle of August.

I recently talked to this same long-time resident [his wife's family built in the mid 1930's] and he said the salmon used to fill both sides of Sweltzer Creek and they started coming up early October. He said they salmon, including the sockeye, are certainly coming up Sweltzer Creek to Cultus Lake much earlier than they used to.

I also talked with another long-time, fish-observant resident whose parents leased a lot in the 1920's and he continues to do so. He grew up at the lake in the summers and has lived here full time for many years. He remembers the salmon filling both sides of Sweltzer Creek. He also remembers the early salmon came up early in October and kept running into November. He too has noticed a huge decrease in the number of salmon and that the early salmon, including Cultus sockeye, are arriving much earlier than previously.

I submit this information as resident observations because Cultus Lake is on the Cohen Commisison for this week.

i will be out of town next week for about a month. When away, I can be contacted at the email above or on our travel email of .


Dave Clyne
[Cultus Lake Resident]

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