Représentations 0496-SWOA_689054

Déposant : Shuswap Waterfront Owners Association

Communauté : Scotch Creek

Déposé le : Avril 6, 2011

Résumé :
La Shuswap Waterfront Owners Association regroupe 260 propriétés riveraines sur le lac Shuswap. L’Association croit qu’une base scientifique solide est essentielle pour comprendre l’état des pêches et pour contrôler la destruction de l’habitat. De l’avis de l’Association, les documents joints à la présente donnent une perspective différente de celle exprimée dans bon nombre de représentations envoyées à la Commission jusqu’à présent. Au nombre des documents se trouvent un rapport sur l’importance des rives du lac Shuswap pour les jeunes saumoneaux, un rapport du MPO concernant un atelier sur l’habitat des poissons, ainsi que des notes d’une présentation sur l’habitat des saumons dans le lac Shuswap.

Représentations :
We are an organization representing some 260 waterfront properties on the Shuswap Lake. We believe it important to closely watch the state of the fishery and control habitat destruction, within reason.

All too often in these situations, one side of the argument is heard over and over, and other sides marginalized. We believe that a firm grounding in the science is imperative and we offer two documents that may not have been included in previous submissions.

We provide these as a counterpoint to the vested interests of many of the commissions submissions and presenters.

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RAR100920 Brown report.pdf

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RAR 2003 workshop article.pdf

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RAR 2003 workshop full rpt.pdf

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rublee report 11 23 2010.pdf

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Nom: priscilla judd

Date de création: April 27, 2011

I agree with this phrase from the above report: "People need to understand which activities result in negative impacts to fish and fish habitat" and "Regulations need to be reasonable and make sense.

I'm suggesting the Cohen Commission follow up Dr.Lavigne's Vegetated Sand Beds for cleaning waste water by inviting him to speak to you.

We need to recognize that humans can live in the environment when we use systems that emulate nature. Foreshore development brings the threat of failing septic fields and lake water pollution.

Dr.Lavigne's system works. VSBs are 100% natural cleaning sewage water over 99% clean, use no electricity or chemicals.

I've not yet managed to bring Dr.Lavigne here to get us started cleaning up pollution, learning to install VSBs. He said he is available in May or June 2011. So, I hope you can help us - invite Dr.Lavigne to come and speak to your scientists.

Here is a link to his impressive CV: