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Déposant : James Costello

Communauté : Ucluelet

Déposé le : Octobre 14, 2010

Résumé :
L’opposition aux salmonicultures tente d’induire le public en erreur et de ternir la réputation des salmonicultures. Il importe de se rappeler que les fluctuations de l’effectif de montaison et les préoccupations à l’égard du déclin des stocks existaient avant l’arrivée de l’aquaculture, et ils furent des facteurs importants de son développement. La Commission Cohen devrait examiner tous les facteurs qui nuisent au saumon sauvage et résister aux appels visant à blâmer les salmonicultures pour le déclin de certaines populations de saumons sauvages.

Représentations :
As an avid fisherman, I feel the future of BC's salmon stocks are of top priority.
As an aquaculture worker I also feel the same way.
It seems to me that the organised opposition to salmon farming has hijacked this forum in an attempt to mislead the public and harm the reputation of the salmon farming community.
When questioning the impacts on salmon stocks it is essential to remember that fluctuations in run sizes and concerns over declining stocks have been around long before the advent of aquaculture and in part played a key role in the development of the industry.
To focus on salmon farming as the key culprit in the decline of some of the coasts wild salmon populations is not only foolhardy, it is dangerous.
Promoting the consumption of wild stocks over sustainably farmed salmon is a surefire way to speed the decline of all wild fish.
I hope that the Cohen Commission will take into consideration all the factors affecting wild salmon and not bow to well funded, demarketing campaigns focused on the destruction of one of BC's most environmentally, socially and economically successful and sustainable industries.
We should be proud of what aquaculture is doing for our communities and support it in it's evolution, as it will play an incredibly important role in the future of food production for the world.

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